Just a few of the many letters we have received over the years.  We are happy to provide lists of references from former & current customers & feel confident that our level of craftsmanship & attention to detail will meet or exceed your expectations.

To Whom It May Concern:

We have had the pleasure of working with Chris Cahill and his company on two specific occasions. During both times we have enjoyed working with him and have been pleased with the results.

There are several aspects to selecting the right firm for important construction projects. On both occasions we were building a deck off our home and most recently, that deck included the incorporation of a concrete floored shed and other finish work to improve the aesthetics of our home. Our selection criteria included: craftsmanship and attention to detail, quality at a reasonable cost, timeliness of the project and professionalism of the people.

During the interview process we put our project out to several bidders. Chris was not the least expensive and was found to be in the range of other quality firms. What made Chris stand apart from the competition was his ability to understand what we were interested in and make appropriate recommendations that saved us money but improved our concept. Chris and his team are extremely thoughtful and pay close attention to detail; as for every question, it was clear they were aware and had a solution in mind.

The craftsmanship that Chris and his team provide is superior. We’ve always been impressed with the way in which he considers all aspects of the project and incorporates a sense of style that complements the intent of the project in little ways that have a big impact. The quality of the work is high and well worth the expense. We found Chris to be reasonable and approachable on project costs and while he paid close attention to change orders, he was always fair and appropriate being very easy to do business with.

Timeliness of the last project was critical as we had a significant event taking place at our home. Chris’ team worked for two weeks in pouring rain to make sure that the project stayed on plan and the commitment to quality was never compromised. If needed, the sub-contractors he selects clearly meet his strict standards of quality. For instance, the painter was not satisfied with his choices and took the time to make certain there was a proper match to the finish even though it set his time back 6 hours.

Cost was reasonable and it was important the firm make an appropriate profit. While we were slightly ahead of budget from our own choices, we felt given the quality, our expectations were exceeded and the cost benefit was in our favor.

Chris’s professionalism, commitment to craftsmanship and quality has demonstrated to us on two occasions that Cahill Construction is the first company to call when we have construction needs. We would gladly recommend his work to anyone as he’s demonstrated the ability to take on projects of any size and manages the team and project with the customer’s interests first. Please feel free to contact us, come see the finished work and how pleased we are with the results.


Brian M.

Dear Mr. Cahill,

I’m writing to express our appreciation for the excellent work you and your team performed in completing our major renovation on Twiss Lane last fall. As we set out on the project, we were intent on finding a contractor whose quality of workmanship, attention to detail, and flexible, cooperative attitude could meet up to our high expectations.

Meet them you did -we were consistently impressed by the versatility and skill demonstrated by your own workmen and those of your subcontractors. During phases of the project that involved work within the existing home, your team was courteous and flexible in working around a busy family. Attention to details from lotline setbacks to molding style to stonework made for very smooth progress throughout. We are very happy with the results and have received numerous compliments from neighbors and passersby.

Over the years, we’ve had mixed experiences with contractors and tradesmen on a variety of projects. I have to say that our experience with Cahill Construction was amongst the best and we wouldn’t hesitate to enlist your services again. Please feel free to use us as a reference in the future.

Thanks again,

Tom A.

Subject: Reference for Christopher Cahill Construction

My husband and I hired Chris for a large home remodeling project. The project involved doubling the size of our family room, increasing the size of the kitchen as well as a complete kitchen renovation. We broke ground in September and were submitting photos for design and architecture awards in February.

Some of the key factors that contributed to my decision to hire Chris and led me to agree to be a reference –

• Expertise of Chris’ core team

• Quality of his sub-contractors

• Cleanliness of the site at the end of each day

• Clear, open communications throughout the project

• Attention to detail

Chris’ team worked with me ensuring the structural integrity of the addition. When there was a concern about the appropriate framing to support the weight of the roof, Chris’ foreman raised the concern with me, explained the options, discussed alternatives with me and helped me through the process of making an appropriate decision. The renovation has been complete for more than three years and there are no settling cracks in the walls or ceilings.

We chose to live in our home during the renovation. Chris and his team made sure the site was clean and livable throughout the project. They constructed temporary walls while the framing was in progress that cramped our living space (understandably) but allowed us to safely remain in the house with a working kitchen. They quickly framed the addition and made the new space weather tight. At the end of each day the work area was cleaned leaving nothing for me to worry about as I came home from work. We had a working kitchen throughout and were only without a kitchen sink for a few days.

The team followed a regular work schedule, briefed me on the plans at each stage of the project and gave me advanced warning of key decisions I needed to make. Chris and his team learned early on what was important to me and made sure the contractors were briefed on what I valued most. They even went so far as to schedule the perfectionist tile guy – what he lacked in interpersonal skills he more than made up for in the design and layout of my tile floors.

Aesthetically, Chris’ team made sure the finished product met my expectations. When they saw something on the plan that could be done better, we discussed the choices and made adjustments. When people come to our home for the first time and walk into the open kitchen/family room area, they stop in awe of the finished product. Many additions look like additions. Our new kitchen and family room are in integral part of our home, it is impossible to discern where the original house ends and the new part of the house begins.

As I noted earlier, our renovation has been complete for 3 ½ years. We have recommended Chris to others and have since hired Chris for additional home renovations. I have no hesitation in recommending Chris and his team for large scale renovation projects – I am very pleased with how Chris has worked with me to transform my home into the living space that best works for our lifestyle.

I am happy to share our home with you if you would like to see an example of Chris’ work and am also willing to field any additional questions you may have about working with Chris and his team.

All the best with your project,

Terry Z.